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Technical Glossary Terms - T

The Letter T

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Find below a glossary of terms and definitions that begin with the letter S as it relates to technical definitions.

Term Description
Table A tabular view of data, on a relational database management system, defined by one or more columns of data and a primary key. A table populated by rows of data.
Tablespace A logical portion of a database used in allocating storage for table data and table indexes.
Target Database The data warehouse database object that is to store the source data once it is extracted, transformed and transported.
Type 1 SCD A slowly changing dimension (SCD) technique where the new data overwrites the existing data
Type 2 SCD A slowly changing dimension (SCD) technique where a new dimension record with a new surrogate key is created to reflect the change. History is preserved.
Type 3 SCD A slowly changing dimension (SCD) technique where a new column is added to the dimension table. The old attribute value is pushed into the prior attribute column and the new attribute value is overwritten in the existing column.
Tyoe 4 SCD A slowly changing dimension (SCD) technique where  a separate historical table is used to track all dimension's attribute historical changes for each of the dimension. The 'main' dimension table keeps only the current data.  
Type 6 SCD A slowly changing dimension (SCD) technique that combines SCD types 1, 2 and 3. To capture attribute change, a new record is added as in type 2. The current information is overwritten with the new one as in type 1. History is maintained in a historical column as in type 3.