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Technical Glossary Terms - R

The Letter R

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Find below a glossary of terms and definitions that begin with the letter R as it relates to technical definitions.

Term Description
Record A record is an entry in a file, consisting of individual elements of information, which together provide full details about an aspect of the information needed by the system.
Referential Integrity Constraint referential integrity constraint is defined as part of an association between two entity types. It indicates the rules that specify the correspondence of a foreign key to the primary key of its related table. 
Refresh The process for updating the data warehouse objects with new data. The refresh process occurs incrementally after the initial load on a scheduled basis and is monitored via warehouse management procedures or batch processes.
Replication The process of copying data from one database to another or from one database table to another.
Reverse Engineering The automatic creation of system specifications from existing code and data definitions.
Row An entry in a table that typically corresponds to an instance of some real thing, consisting of a set of values for all mandatory columns and relevant optional columns.