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Technical Glossary Terms - M

The Letter M

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Find below a glossary of terms and definitions that begin with the letter M as it relates to technical definitions.

Term Description
Many-to-Many many-to-many relationship refers to a relationship between tables in a database when a parent row in one table contains several child rows in the second table, and vice versa.
Measure A quantifiable variable or value stored in a data warehouse table. Measure is a property on which calculations (e.g., sum, count, average, minimum, maximum) can be made.
Meta Data Also known as data about data is the information about the contents and uses of the data warehouse. Meta data is created by several components of the data warehouse and provides a business and technical view of the data warehouse solution.
Materialized Query Table (MQT) A materialized query table (MQT) is a table whose definition is based upon the result of a query. The data that is contained in an MQT is derived from one or more tables on which the materialized query table definition is based.