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Technical Glossary Terms - I

The Letter I

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Find below a glossary of terms and definitions that begin with the letter I as it relates to technical definitions.

Term Description
Impact Analysis The process of understanding the complete effect of a particular change.
Implementation The installation of an increment of the data warehouse solution that is complete, tested, operational and ready. An implementation includes all necessary software, hardware, documentation, and all required data.
Increment  The defined scope of the portion of the data warehouse selected for implementation. Each increment satisfies elements of the total data warehouse solution.
Incremental Development A technique for producing all or part of a production system based on an outline definition. The technique involves iterations of cycle of build, refine, and review so that the correct solution gradually emerges. This technique can be difficult to control, but nonetheless is very useful when properly used; also called quick build and interactive development.
Index A data structure associated with a table that is logically ordered by the values of a key and used to improve database performance and query access speed.
Issue A situation or concern which requires a resolution.
Iterative Development The application of a cyclic, evolutionary approach to the development of requirements definition, design, or construction using prototyping and iterative build techniques.