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Technical Glossary Terms - C

Letter C

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Find below a glossary of terms and definitions that begin with the letter C as it relates to technical definitions.

Term Description
Cardinality A table with a multipart key capturing a many-to-many relationship that can't be accommodated by the natural granularity of a single fact or dimension table. Serves to bridge between the fact and dimension tables to support many-valued dimension attributes.
Cartesian product A set comprised of all the possible combinations from multiple constraints.
Column A means of implementing an item of data within a table. It can be in character, date, or number format, and be optional or mandatory.
Composite Key Key in a database table made up of several columns. Same as concatenated key.
Conformed Dimension A dimension that has exactly the same meaning and content when being referred from different fact tables.
Constraint Constraints are part of a database schema definition. A constraint is usually associated with a table and is usually created with a CREATE CONSTRAINT statement. They define certain properties that data in a database must comply with.
Critical Success Factor (CSF) A business event, dependency or other factor that if not attained would seriously impair the likelihood or project success. 
Custom Code Coding added to an application or system to implement functionality that the original system or application does not provide.
Cross Tab A type of multi-dimensional report that displays values or measures in cells created by the intersection of tow or more dimensions in a table format.
Cube A multi-dimensional matrix of data that has mutiple dimensions (independent variables) and measures (dependent variables) that are created by a database. Each dimension may be organized into a hierarchy with multiple levels. The intersection of two or more dimensional categories is called a cell.