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Health Sciences Residents Known Issues Log

Issue Date Historical/Incremental Years Impacted Issue Description



All Years Resident files are only received at UCOP once a year in the fall. The same file is replicated for the winter and spring terms. There is no replication of the file for summer. 
02/05/2010 Historical 2009 All 1,325 UCSF Medical residents were reported without a valid major or registration status in the Fall 2009 Resident file.  This impacts summaries by CIP or UC discipline.  UCSF medical residents were also excluded from the CPEC extract, which selects students on the value of the registration status.
09/12/2007 Historical



Some UC Irvine medical students (major code 558) were reported with inconsistent IDs in Fall & Winter/Spring of academic year 2006-2007.  This would only affect unduplicated year headcounts and graduate persistence/graduation rates
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