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# File/Content Area Name Main POC Email Address
1 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Christine Hurley   
2 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Cindy Lyons  
3 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Dean Conde   
4 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Nadia Powell
5 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Aymme Olson  
6 Health Science Residents Brian Steele   
7 Health Science Residents Cindy Slaughter  
8 Health Science Residents Nadia Powell    
9 Graduate Admissions Linh Vu   
10 Graduate Admissions Glenn Scott   
11 Financial Aid Christie Chaney
12 Contracts & Grants Ernesto Donate Y 
13 Contracts & Grants Ross Dammann N 
14 Contracts & Grants Pam Urioste N 
15 Undergraduate Admissions Cindy Parra
16 Undergraduate Admissions Michelle Ransom 
17 Undergraduate Admissions Aymme Olson 
18 Undergraduate Admissions Cindy Slaughter 
19 Undergraduate Admissions Dean Conde
20 Undergraduate Admissions Nadia Powell  

For changes to data stewardship responsibilities and/or main point of contact, send an email to

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