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# File/Content Area Name Main POC Email Address
1 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Leesa Beck 
2 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Steve Velasco  
3 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Anthony Schmid 
4 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Luke Lindquist  
5 Graduate Admissions Adam Sottosanti  
6 Graduate Admissions Joshua Munsch  
7 Financial Aid Lisa Goto   
8 Financial Aid Jenny McCraken  
9 Contracts & Grants Brett Fortier Y  
10 Undergraduate Admissions Rosa Zuniga  
11 Undergraduate Admissions Andrew Nixon  
12 Undergraduate Admissions Julia Orr  
13 Undergraduate Admissions ADMS at SB  

For changes to data stewardship responsibilities and/or main point of contact, send an email to

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