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# File/Content Area Name Main POC Email Address
1 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Jason K. Stewart
2 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Brad Harding
3 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Linn Andres
4 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Karisa Asato 
5 Degree Conferred/Enrollment Skye Ha 
6 Financial Aid Catherine Yu Li 
7 Health Sciences Residents Eric Rothgarn 
8 Health Sciences Residents Kamal M. Lemseffer 
9 Contracts & Grants Mary Brown N 
10 Contracts & Grants Doreen Prasad Y 
11 Undergraduate Admissions Darlene Hunter 
12 Undergraduate Admissions Brian Alexander 
13 Undergraduate Admissions Philip Kincade
14 Undergraduate Admissions Peter Stuckert 
15 Undergraduate Admissions Lia Youngs 

For changes to data stewardship responsibilities and/or main point of contact, send an email to

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