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Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Management

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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) allows the Office of Institutional Research and Academic Planning (IRAP) to acquire knowledge about the University of California and various external factors through the use of various processes, technologies and tools that allows the conversion of data into information, knowledge and insight. IRAP has a goal to create a BI platform that allows a quick and nimble transition from data to actionable insight.

Processes and tools in use include:

  • The University of California Data Warehouse (UCDW) (for UCDW Support and Resources, visit the Data Operations Hub)
  • SAS
  • Tableau (See some of the dashboards created using Tableau on the UC Information Center)
  • IBM Cognos (Visit the Cognos Page on the Data Operations Hub for more information on how we use Cognos)

Data Warehousing

The systemwide data warehouse, commonly referred to as UCDW is housed at the San Diego Super-Computer Center. UCDW is an enterprise data warehouse that unifies and holds UC business information from several content areas in an organized and integrated manner. Data within UCDW is classified according to subject area and access is provided according to these content areas and agreed permissions.  The data warehouse architecture is divided into three layers:

  1. The Staging Layer – Campus input files are staged within this layer. No transformations are performed here and all validation reports are generated from this layer to ensure that data is validated by UCOP IRAP and campuses in the exact same format in which it was provided.
  2. The Base Layer – Data transformations occur within this layer using various pre-defined UCOP IRAP business rules. Data transformation rules at field level are available on the IRAP Online Data Dictionary by content area.
  3. The Business Intelligence (BI) Layer – Data from the base layer is migrated from a relational model into a dimensional model in order to facilitate quick reporting and analytics.

UCDW uses specific abbreviations and naming conventions that are unique to its design. Access to the naming convention is available to UCOP staff only via this link.

Available content areas within UCDW include:

  • Undergraduate Admissions (UAD)
  • Graduate Admissions (GAD)
  • Student Enrollment (REG)
  • Course Enrollment (CED)
  • Student Financial Support (FAI)
  • Degree (DEG)
  • Contracts and Grants (SPX)

For UCDW support and training materials, visit the Support and Training section of the Data Operations Hub.