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Student Enrollment (Summer)

With a wide selection of courses, including many online, Summer Student Enrollment makes it possible for UC and non-UC students to make progress towards their degrees year round. UC students have the opportunity to study at any UC campus during the summer and have their course credits transferred to their home UC campus. UC campuses provide unforgettable, enriching experiences for students of all ages, backgrounds and interests. Details on UC's summer enrollment for all campuses by campus, year, level, ethnicity, parent education and pell status can be viewed on the UC Information Center.

UC campuses are required to submit two files for summer registrants (except UCSF) a year - a third week file and an end of term file. For the current data submission timelines for summer registration, visit:

For all summer registration known issues, see the Summer Student Enrollment Known Issues Log.

To learn more about the student enrollment infrastructure in UCDW and the student enrollment data, see the Student Enrollment User Guide.