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Student Enrollment (Fall, Winter and Spring)

Student Enrollment at the ten University of California (UC) campuses continues to grow in leaps and bounds, For the academic year 2017, roughly 280,000 students were enrolled across all ten campuses. Our students come from all backgrounds, ethnicities and incomes. UC attracts the best and brightest. UC undergraduates come from all over California, and they work hard to make it to college. Nine campuses enroll both undergraduate and graduate students; one campus, UC San Francisco, enrolls only graduate and professional students in the medical and health sciences. 

UC's fall enrollment at a glance and enrollment headcount for all campuses for the fall term by academic level, broad discipline, degree program, enrollment status, race, gender and CA residency can be viewed on the UC Information Center.

Fall, winter and spring student enrollment data files are submitted to the UCOP IRAP office from campuses up to eight times a year. For the current data submission timelines for student enrollment files, visit:

For all student enrollment known issues, see the Student Enrollment Known Issues Log.

For all health sciences residents known issues, see the Health Sciences Residents Known Issues Log.

To learn more about the student enrollment infrastructure in UCDW and the student enrollment data, see the Student Enrollment User Guide.