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Student Financial Support

A basic value of the University of California is that the University should serve a diverse student body. Inherent in such a value is a concern that financial considerations not be an insurmountable obstacle to student decisions to seek and complete a University degree. This basic value is at the heart of the University's Financial Aid policy for all of its student body, but varies in its expression for undergraduate and graduate students.

The University's undergraduate student support policy is guided by the goal of maintaining the affordability of the University for all the students admitted within the framework of the Master Plan. The University's graduate student support policy is guided by the University's responsibility to meet the nation's and State's need for a highly educated workforce of faculty, scholars, researchers, and professionals and by the University's interest in providing educational opportunities to students of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

For the current financial support data submission timelines, please visit:

To learn more about the student financial support infrastructure in UCDW and the student financial support data, see the Student Financial Support User Guide (Coming Soon).