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Course Enrollment (Fall, Winter and Spring)

Students of the University of California (UC) have access to a growing list of quality courses taught by expert faculty. From science to the humanities, students learns from world-class faculty in the UC system.Students take courses through course enrollment to help satisfy degree requirements or to explore new subjects outside their degree. Nine campuses students enroll both undergraduate and graduate courses; one campus, UC San Francisco, enrolls only graduate courses.

UC campuses course enrollment data is consolidated into one enterprise-wide system in UCOP which will help improve accuracy, timeliness, flexibility, reporting of course enrollment data.

Fall, winter, spring and summer student course enrollment data files are submitted to the UCOP IRAP office from campuses up to eight times a year. For the current data submission timelines for student course enrollment files, visit:

To learn more about the course enrollment infrastructure in UCDW and the course enrollment data, see the Course Enrollment User Guide.