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Business Glossary Terms - Y

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Find below a glossary of terms and definitions that begin with the letter Y as it relates to business definitions, data warehouse and Business Intelligence.

Term Description
Years after graduation This is the approximate number of years after graduation that the alumni are in the workforce. The actual year may vary between 1 and 2 years for 2 years after graduation, 4 and 5 years for 5 years after graduation, and 9 and 10 years for 10 years after graduation.
Year average headcount Year-average or Three-Term Average:Since enrollment varies from term to term,with fall enrollments typically the highest of the year, fall enrollments are not used in budgeting. Rather, for budgeting we typically use year-average enrollments, that is, the average of enrollments over each campus’s two (semester) or three (quarter)terms.Year-average headcount does not include summer headcount. FTE may include summer FTE but will be labeled accordingly.
Yield rate Yield rate indicates the proportion of admits that were newly enrolled.Since students often apply to more than one campus and/or more than one degree program at a specific campus, these data represent the number of applications rather than the number of applicants.