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Business Glossary Terms - T

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Find below a glossary of terms and definitions that begin with the letter T as it relates to business definitions.

Term Description
Tenure-Track UC faculty with the right to continuous employment until ended by the tenure holder by retirement or resignation. A tenure appointment may not be terminated by the employer except for good cause.
Time-to-Degree, Elapsed This time-to-degree measure calculates the total number of terms between the time the student entered the university and the date the degree is awarded. It is typically used to measure graduate progress, since many graduate students stop out for a period of time, but it can be appropriate for undergraduate progress.
Time-to-Degree, Registered This time-to-degree measure calculates the number of terms a student is actually enrolled between date of entry and date of degree being awarded. This measure more accurately reflects the actual time required for a student to achieve a degree because it counts only the terms that the student was enrolled, regardless of the time elapsed. It is used to measure both undergraduate and graduate progress.
TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language is the standardized test designed to determine an applicant's ability to benefit from instruction in English.
Total Cost of Attendance This is a dollar figure that estimates the total costs of attending the University of California for a period of one year. Included in the estimate are all reasonable expenses such as tuition, room and board, books and supplies, personal expenses and transportation.
Transcript An official record of student performance showing all schoolwork completed at a given school and the final mark or other evaluation received in each portion of the instruction. Transcripts often include an explanation of the marking scale used by the school.
Transfer Units Units - transfer students completed at other institutions before they were enrolled at a UC campus.
Tribal Colleges and Universities Tribal colleges and universities are a category of higher education, minority-serving institutions in the United States. These educational institutions are distinguished by being controlled and operated by American Indian tribes.
Two-year Institution A postsecondary institution that offers programs of at least 2 but less than 4 years duration. Includes occupational and vocational schools with programs of at least 1800 hours and academic institutions with programs of less than 4 years. Does not include bachelor's degree-granting institutions where the baccalaureate program can be completed in 3 years.